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Hello! I am Christina, the woman in the Misty Mountains; wifey, Mama, artist, herbalist, homesteader, foodie, writer, chicken stewardess, crafter, magic maker, body and soul worker, avid reader, and student for life.

When I was young I fell in love with working with the Earth through geology, mineralogy and Earth science. It wasn’t something I sought out at first- it found me via playing outside a lot as an <only> child. Without a constant playmate I found friends in the stones, animals, plants and earth. I have collected them as long as I can remember and I still have a few from those very young childhood days. I remember using my dad’s hammer to break open rocks I dug up in our back yard to find the ‘sparkly ones’ inside. 💖😁 I opted to take Earth science instead of chemistry in high school and I am so glad I did. I had a passionate teacher and he really stoked that flame. I got a snazzy 105% on my rock and mineral classification quiz 🤓💞 Playdough was my first clay, and then later: paper clay and polymer varieties. But nothing really compares to clay from the Earth to me – it’s a real connecting, grounding, sacred experience. Becoming one with the Earth to make art is straight magic. ✨

In elementary school I was exposed to claypottery <as quite a few of us are> and it was an art medium that I totally took to; I *did* start to seek it out. Whenever pottery was offered in school or summer camp or intersession classes, I took it. In high school I was delighted by the opportunity to take a full year of pottery classes!! Subsequent years I focused on other arts (painting, modeling, drama and yearbook 😁) but always kept a love for clay. 
After my first baby turned two I felt the urge to find clay again. I signed up for a class and open studio time. I made so many things that year and learned so much – reestablishing my relationship with this medium and growing from my mistakes. It was a powerful time and I was inspired beyond measure. 
Shortly after that first year I got pregnant with my little starbaby – by surprise 🌌💖 It was a rough pregnancy for me (HG) and a lot of things had to be set aside – and pottery was one of those things.

Now that my girl is two I have been feeling that pull back to pottery. Back to my own childhood and the dreams I held dear. And now that I live further from the studio and in my own country cottage, I’m dreaming BIG and diving in. 
A big thank you to every teacher who shared clay with me, to my parents for appreciating my art, to my husband for believing in me, to my children for inspiring me, to every friend who is supporting me: You are the greatest love that backs me in getting this big dream rolling.

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